Immersion classes

Give your child a chance to learn about their rich and beautiful culture, history and language.

Enroll them into a vernacular immersion class, where they will be enriched with stimulating, authentic and relevant learning material. Our classes are conducted by professional educators and all teaching material is well researched to allow for maximum child engagement and accurate cultural representation.

The programme offers a combination of:

  • storytelling
  • traditional songs
  • language and grammar lessons
  • musical activities
  • sport and physical activities
  • art and crafts.

Email us for a booking form and more information:


Our play suite, adventure and holiday activities are designed to edutain your children using Gauteng as a stomping ground.

We create safe and dynamic adventures to allow your children to experience the tastes, colours and textures around the city.

Through the arts, sciences and history we transform holidays into unique experiences that give children the opportunity to explore their interests and passions

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